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"Learning music isn’t as difficult as people think. In fact, it's as easy as a heartbeat. The secret is to FEEL THE RHYTHM."
Music is the key through which we can unlock the hidden melody of every hearts.
Ambuj Mandloi
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Music Institute For All Ages & Level

This is India’s leading music institute, offering innovative programs that enable young musicians to shape the future in the global music industry.

The Institute was founded in 2012 by Ambuj Mandloi with the mission of bringing a unique and contemporary approach to music education to India.

In our services, you’ll learn everything you need to get a great start.

Explore your interest and start the musical journey with our great services which perfectly match your needs.

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Musical services

Music Lessons
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From Fingers, Frets, & Strings to Playing Your First Song Affordable choices for your initial lessons. Whether you’re new to playing the guitar or just want to hone your basics, these guitar lessons are a great place to start.



Level up your chords and keep progressing Affordable choices for your next level lessons. Consolidating all the elements covered in beginner & improve course.



Become the master of strings and explore the depth. Beyond simply playing the right notes and rhythms, you begin to conduct your musical performance and to move a deeper perception of feel, timbre, and strength.

Relaxed & Friendly

Our Programs Are Tailored To Suit You


Contemporary music is any kind of music, present or modern, and addresses current problems in a way that appeals to the current audience.


Bollywood music is a general term for Indian music, but it actually refers only to Hindi music made for Bollywood movies.

Light Music

Light Music contains an admixture of elements which have become associated over time.

Western Classical

Western Classical Music focuses primarily on the development of music in the European region and refers to music that is rooted in Western art.

Indian Classical

Indian classical music is a rich tradition that originated in South Asia and can now be found in all corners of the world.


What Our Students Say About Us

This was an awesome musical journey to learn guitar lessons from this institute. Right choice to learn from basics to advance in the easiest way.
Mahak Badkur
Ritu Jain
Courses are tailored for me as per my requirement. Nice experience!!!
Ritu Jain
Ariv Joshi
Actually this is the institute where one can learn and feel the music. They actually taught me how to connect the music with soul and heart.
Ariv Joshi
Priyanshu joshi
I have contacted the institute for organizing the event in my company’s sponsored event. This was really a well managed musical event. They made the evening and added the beauty in the overall event. Looking forward to contacting them for my next event.
Priyanshu Joshi

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