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You are at the right place if you're new to playing the guitar or just want to brush up your basics, these guitar lessons.
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You can learn how to play the ukulele, regardless of age, and even if you have never played music in your life ... today!
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Well, anywhere you're in your Musical Keyboard talent level, we`ve were given the information and gear to make gaining knowledge of the keyboard quicker (and pretty fun) than ever!
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From Fingers, Frets, & Strings to Playing Your First Song Affordable choices for your initial lessons. Whether you’re new to playing the guitar or just want to hone your basics, these guitar lessons are a great place to start.



Level up your chords and keep progressing Affordable choices for your next level lessons. Consolidating all the elements covered in beginner & improve course.



Become the master of strings and explore the depth. Beyond simply playing the right notes and rhythms, you begin to conduct your musical performance and to move a deeper perception of feel, timbre, and strength.

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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Contemporary music is any kind of music, present or modern, and addresses current problems in a way that appeals to the current audience. The mode of appeal is to blend multiple original styles of music. However, it should be noted that contemporary music takes advantage of the technological developments of the times.

Light Music

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Light Music contains an admixture of elements which have become associated over time. Light Music includes broadly romantic themes suitable for a main title, happy pizzicato and string fantasias, clever novelty pieces, tuneful marches, and jazz influenced sophisticated arrangements.


Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Bollywood music is a general term for Indian music, but it actually refers only to Hindi music made for Bollywood movies. This means that songs are tailored to different situations within the storyline and often convey different emotions such as love, farewell, happiness and celebration, and anger / disappointment. Progressions are categorized by emotion; these are called raga or raga. This helped to conceptualize the song in some situations. They shyly sang about it, hiding around a tree, especially when women (and men) couldn’t directly express their love for each other (this is a Hindi movie by non-Indians. Explains why it is often associated with walking and dancing around trees).

Western Classical

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Western Classical Music focuses primarily on the development of music in the European region and refers to music that is rooted in Western art, concert music, and ecclesiastical (church) music. Western classical music has evolved through the centuries. The term “Classical Music” originates from the Latin word `classicus`, meaning first class, and for the Romans it signified artistry of the highest order.


Indian Classical

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Indian classical music is a rich tradition that originated in South Asia and can now be found in all corners of the world. It`s origins date back to sacred Vedic scriptures over 6,000 years ago where chants developed a system of musical notes and rhythmic cycles.

In this way, Indian classical music is very closely connected to nature, taking inspiration from natural phenomena including the seasons and times of the day to create `ragas` or musical moods and many time cycles or `taals` that have been further codified.

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