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Welcome to Ambuj Mandloi, a place where music teacher will teach you music of your interest. Ambuj Mandloi,  (referred to in this Privacy Policy as “Ambuj Mandloi” or “we” and through similar words such as “us,” “our,” etc.), owns, operates, and distributes the Ambuj Mandloi website and service, including (without limitation) (the “Site”) and other all websites, mobile applications, and other interactive properties through which the service is You accept the terms and conditions outlined in this privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) as well as the terms and conditions of our terms of service (the “Terms of Service”) by accessing any portion of the Services. Use of the Services is not recommended if you disagree with any of these conditions. All users, both those who are merely using the Services to browse content and those who have signed up to become members of Ambuj Mandloi, are subject to the terms of this privacy statement.


This Privacy Policy may be changed at any moment, at our sole discretion. The privacy policy in place at the time the information is utilised must be followed while using the data we now collect. By publishing a notice on the Services or sending you an email, we will let you know if we make any significant changes to the way we collect or use information. You agree to be governed by the revised policy by using the Services at any time after such modifications. As of March 24, 2020, this privacy statement was last changed.


Our top priority is maintaining your privacy. In order for you to understand how we collect, use, communicate, disclose, and otherwise deal with personal data, we have created this privacy policy (as defined below). Here is a summary of our privacy practises.

Personal Data

We will ask you for Personal Data when you register with us and become an Ambuj Mandloi Member, when you decide to teach or attend a lesson. Information about you that can be used to contact or uniquely identify you is referred to as “personal data.” This does not include your payment card number or billing information, but it does include, among other things, your name and email address. Your billing and payment information will be used in transactions on Ambuj Mandloi that are processed by Razorpay and are governed by their privacy rules. Any credit card or banking information you give to these payment processors is not stored by us.

Your email address is required in order for Ambuj Mandloi to send you email. We may also ask for information like your name, general location, and phone number in order to offer you further services. We might provide part or all of this data to the instructors of the classes you sign up for so they can plan their lessons. Except with your permission or as otherwise specified in this privacy statement, we will not disclose your name, email address, or other Personal Data to unaffiliated third parties. Although we take efforts that are in line with industry standards to protect user privacy, there are times when we may need to reveal Personal Data in order to comply with the law, a court order, or other legal process, or in order to defend our rights or the safety of others. Additionally, we might give Personal Data to workers, consultants, or other organisations or people for them to process data on our behalf. In such cases, we demand that the parties involved agree to uphold the privacy of the relevant information and abide by the rules of this privacy statement. Your Personal Data might be used by us to manage, enhance, comprehend, and customise our Services.

Voluntary Disclosure

Your voluntary disclosure of any Personal Data or material in public places makes it available to the public and enables other users to acquire and use it for any purpose. Your profile pages (“Profile”) and any online classrooms in which you take part are normally accessible to the general public. You can modify your account settings to restrict access to your profile and delete any content you’ve posted in open classrooms. Please email us at if you require assistance changing the privacy settings on your account or deleting content. The deletion of posted content does not guarantee complete or thorough deletion of the content or information (some content may continue to exist on our servers although being “invisible” to other users).

If you decide to create an Ambuj Mandloi account, for instance, you might have a profile on the website with your complete name and some basic information like your location and bio. Additionally, you have the option of adding extra information to your profile. Through your account settings, you may decide what kind of profile information is displayed to others. Any details you include in your profile should be a reflection of how much information you want other Ambuj Mandloi users to know about you. We advise users to exercise caution while disclosing sensitive information about themselves online and to keep their anonymity and private information private. Your profile information is always up for review and change.

Information About Cookies

Your IP address is used by us to operate our Services, analyse traffic trends on the Services, and help diagnose server-related issues. The Services also make use of cookies and related technologies, such as pixel tags, web beacons, clear GIFs, and JavaScript (collectively, “Cookies”), to allow our servers to recognise your web browser and to collect information about your usage of our Site and Services, including when and how often you visit them. This information helps us spot trends, understand our user base, and operate and improve our Services. For instance, we use Cookies to bring you material that is tailored to your interests, to remember your password so you don’t have to type it in every time you visit, and to determine if you have opened emails we have sent you. When you use a computer, tablet, phone, or other similar device to access our Site, a little file called a cookie is typically stored there. We occasionally combine non-personal data obtained through cookies with personal data we already have about you, for example, to determine your identity or if you have an account with us. In some cases, we add information from outside sources to the data we gather from you.

Cookies come in two varieties: “permanent cookies” and “session cookies.” When you visit our site or use our services, transient cookies called “session cookies” are saved on your device. In contrast, “persistent cookies” are retained on your device for a certain amount of time after you leave our site or use our services. Persistent Cookies have a different shelf life on different devices, hence their duration varies. In order to preserve a more accurate record of how frequently you visit our Services, how frequently you come back, and how your use of the Services may change over time, we employ persistent Cookies to save your choices so that they are available for the next visit. Persistent cookies are another tool we employ to evaluate the success of our advertising campaigns. After you leave our Services, we may still be able to track you online thanks to these Cookies. You may have the “Do Not Track” or “DNT” option on your browser, which enables you to tell website, web application, and service owners that you do not want them to monitor some of your online behaviours over time and across many websites. The Services do not currently accept Do Not Track requests because we gather browsing and permanent identification data, which means that we may track your online activity both while you use the Services and after you leave our properties.

Some Cookies that third parties put on your device may give us and other parties information about your browsing activities (such as your visits to our Site or Services, the pages you have visited and the links and advertisements you have clicked). These Cookies can be used to track down the use of specific third-party services, identify your interests, retarget adverts at you, and present you with ads that we or third parties deem to be pertinent to you. Third-party Cookies are not within our control.

Third Party Advertising

To promote the Services online, we employ third party providers like Facebook and Google AdWords. These providers may gather information from the Services and other websites on the internet using cookies, web beacons, and other storage technologies. They then use this information to offer measurement services and show you relevant advertisements.

A cookie tells other websites that you have visited a specific page, which enables us to better adapt our marketing to meet your needs and only show you relevant adverts. Your computer or mobile device cannot be accessed in any way by this cookie.

You have a few options if you do not want to see our advertisements:

Visit Google’s Ads Settings to reject the use of cookies by Google.

You can refuse to have cookies used by a third-party vendor by going to the Network Advertising Initiative’s opt-out page.

When you use Facebook, we might show you interest-based advertisements via a feature called the Custom Audience Tool that Facebook provides. Using this feature, we can tailor our adverts based on how you use the Services. We don’t give Facebook any of your private information. Using the programme, we can turn your email address into a special number that Facebook will use to compare to special numbers it creates from the email addresses of its users. Here is information on how to unsubscribe from this advertising.

Other Sites

Links to other websites or services could be found within the Services. You should evaluate the privacy policies of each such website or service to ensure that you are satisfied with them before supplying any Personal Data, as we are not liable for the privacy practises or the content of such websites or services. For instance, third party payment processors handle the processing of all instructor payments for classes. The credit card information you give to our third-party payment processors is subject to their privacy policies; as was previously said, we do not get any of this information.


As mentioned above, in order for the teachers of the classes you sign up for (“Teachers”) to plan their classes, we may provide them with your Personal Data. Ambuj Mandloi Teachers consent not to misuse other users’ Personal Data in accordance with our Terms of Use. Using Personal Data for any reason other than those expressly allowed in the Teachers’ Class is considered abuse. Please be aware, nevertheless, that Ambuj Mandloi Teachers are not our staff members or consultants, and we are not involved in any business dealings you may have with the Teacher. Therefore, we have no control over their behaviour and are not responsible for any acts they may do.

Case of conflict

If this section disagrees with any other part of this privacy policy, the part of the policy that is more protective of personal data will take precedence to the extent of the disagreement. Please email us at if you have any questions regarding this section or whether any of the following apply to you.

How Much Control Do You Have Over Your Personal Data?

You have a number of rights regarding your personal data, some of which are listed here. Email for more information about these rights or to make a request. Please be aware that there are some situations in which we may not be able to fully accomodate your request, such as when it is frivolous or exceedingly impractical, when it endangers the rights of others, or when it is not mandated by law. In those situations, we will still respond to inform you of our decision. Sometimes, in order to confirm your identity and the nature of your request, we may additionally need you to supply us with additional information, which may include Personal Data.

Access: You have the right to ask for more details about and a copy of any Personal Data we may have about you. You can also email to request access to certain of your personal data.

Correction: You have the right to request that we update or complete any Personal Data that we deem to be inaccurate or incomplete. Some of this information can also be changed simply by editing your profile. You can ask us to update or correct such data by sending an email to